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Dental X-Ray Services in Chandigarh

Life Care Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing patients with the highest standard of oral healthcare services. With advanced imaging technologies and a team of expert radiologists, we ensure that your dental health is in safe hands. Our experts possess an intricate knowledge of radiographic techniques in order to bring both accurate and reliable results.

Why Do You Need Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-rays in Chandigarh are crucial in diagnosing and treating oral health issues. They allow dentists to see beneath the surface of your gums, showing hidden areas such as the jaw bones, roots of the teeth, and areas between teeth which help in detecting cavities, impacted teeth, jawbone damage, and various other conditions that are not visible during a routine dental examination. While dental X-rays do involve radiation, the exposed levels are so low that they’re considered generally safe for children and adults.

Our Dental X-Ray Technologies

We employ an array of modern dental imaging techniques to cater to every patient’s needs. From intraoral X-rays services for detailed images of specific sections of your mouth to panoramic X-rays for a detailed view of the entire dental arch, our equipment captures high-definition images with minimal radiation exposure.

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