Today I had undergone Root Canal Treatment (RCT) of one of my tooth. It was due to sudden tooth pain since last one week because of a cavity around 10 years ago. I searched on Google for a dentist near me on 19.04.2020. I talked to Dr. Kritika Bansal. She advised me to visit the clinic next day i.e. on 20.04.2020 at 1 pm. However, on my request she prescribed me medicines for infection and painkilling as a 5 days course. I visited her on 20.04.2020. She had my teeth’s X- Ray and gave me clear picture about RCT. She gave me appointment for 25.04.2020. However, she herself called me for a pre appointment for RCT on 23.04.2020 amid lockdown. It was successfully done today and she handled the same very professionally. I’m truly amazed by her professional skills and she had given a new life to my affected teeth. Thanks Madam.

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